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Full Groom for Long Haired Breeds

Our Full Groom service for Long Haired Breeds includes a pre-groom, bath, brush, blow dry, full body styling, eyes and ears cleaned and nail clip.

Prices will vary depending on the size of dog and coat condition. For a personalized quote for your dog, please speak with your local Groom Room salon team.

Full Groom for Smooth Haired Breeds  

Our Full Groom service for Smooth Haired Breeds has been developed especially for short/smooth coated dog breeds that may not need a full styling. Each of these Grooms includes a pre-groom, bath, brush, blow dry, eyes and ears cleaned and nail clip.

*This groom does not include anybody styling

Bath, Brush & Blow Dry 

Perfect for the in-between groom, to keep your dog looking their best.

Puppy Groom 

Perfect for introducing your puppy to grooming, this dedicated puppy groom is suitable for puppies from three to six months old. The groom includes a bath, brush through of the coat, gentle blow dry, eyes and ears cleaned, paw tidy if needed and nail clip.

Body Clipping

With Many Breeds, Clipping And Trimming Lessen The Chances Of Matting, Tangles And The Infestation Of Fleas And Other Pests, Thus Reducing The Risk Of Skin Infections. It Can Also Help Him Stay Clean And Cooler.

Pet Hygiene

Pet Hygiene, Taking Care Of Your Dog Is More Than Just Providing Them With Food, Fresh Water, And Regular Exercise. They Need General Hygiene As Well, To Keep Them Happy, Healthy And Away From The Vet.

Aroma Therapy Bath

It Is To Be Protective To Its Owner. If Trained Well This Trait Can Be Reformed Into A Skill And The Dog Can Become A Good Watch/Guard Dog. Guards And Trained Watch Dogs Are Now Becoming A Necessity In Our Society.

Medicated Bath

Medicated Bath Therapy Is An Important External Therapy Of Chinese Medicine, Which Has A History Of Several Thousand’ Years For Treating Kidney Disease. Medicated Bath Therapy Is Just Like Taking Chinese Medicine Orally.

Tick & Flea treatment

Dogs Generally Get Ticks Because They’re Out In That Environment, Walking Through The Woods Or High Grass, And These Ticks Undergo What’s Called Questing, Where They Crawl Up On These Low Shrubs Or Grass.

Show Grooming

Show Grooming Are One Of The Few Salons In The Area That Groom Cats. Cats Have Grooming Needs Of Their Very Own. We Can Get The Mats Out, Trim Your Cat’s Nails, Or Give Them A Nice Lion Cut

Breed Specific Styling

Breed Specific Styling To Your Dog’s Ancestry Is Important To Help Your New Family Member Grow Into A Well-Balanced Dog. Traits Your Dog Is Likely To Show Should Match The Lifestyle Of Your Family, Otherwise Behavior Issues May Arise.

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